My Word for 2015

I chose a word, last year, and I really liked it. I’m not in a place where I want to do much looking back, but since I chose a word last year that represented something I wanted more of (simplicity) and enjoyed the experience of watching that throughout the year, I thought I would do that again. This year, I want to think about abundance.


I tend to doubt that there will be an abundance of anything, in my life. I have noticed other women doing the same, now that I have become so involved with my Jamberry team, as a leader. I listen to a lot of women tell me, in a lot of different ways, hidden under many codes, that it is not ok to ask for an abundance of wealth, popularity, success, attention. We do not deserve. There are others to think about.

I reject the idea that choosing abundance for myself takes anything away from anyone else. There is not a finite amount of success, not as I define it, or a finite amount of joy or love. I am prepared for an abundance of failure, too, as long I learn from it.

I want an abundance of words to flow, again, in this space, and others. I want art in my life, close to me, not just with me as an observer. I want to draw and paint alongside my child, who loves to do these things, and apart from him.

I have come to a place in my life where I want everything I see growing around me to flourish. Bring me all of it, in abundance, as the year continues.

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