Water Bobble

There is a new love in my life. It’s name is Bobble. Water Bobble. Isn’t it sexy?

Mine is red like this one, but I can change it up when it's time for a new filter!

I carry it everywhere, and since I purchased it at the New Haven American Apparel (along with some truly adorable “I could belong to a boy” style undies), I have been drinking lots of water every day. Why my water Bobble has become the third thing to remember when I leave the house, after keys and purse:

  • It filters as you drink via a charcoal filter just like the one in your Brita filter. Suddenly, all water tastes like Brita water! I am one of those people who trusts her tap water, but all the preconception literature says to drink filtered water.
  • It’s BPA-free. BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a chemical that mimics estrogen, so even tiny amounts can do serious damage, since our bodies don’t know the difference between small amounts of BPA and the real hormone. (Origins by Annie Murphy Paul explains this and lots of other complicated science very neatly.) It’s used in some plastics to make them shatterproof but gets released when the container is cleaned too harshly, scratched, heated up or even just reused. This is one really good reason NOT to reuse the water bottle you bought. It’s also a good excuse to throw out your old plastic food-storage containers. Ladies, I’m talking to you–we’re talking about a definite carcinogen that gets into your body by mimicking estrogen, so if you’re picturing the cancers that scare women the most, you’re on the right track.
  • The $10 I spent on my Bobble is a whole lot cheaper than buying a drink every time I realize I’m dehydrated and far from home.
  • It’s really light-weight. I am outside a lot. Lately, that means I sweat a lot. I simply have to carry something.
  • Last but not least? I can change the color of my filter when I get a new one! (They last 90 days.)
Go get one. You don’t even have to get up, because their website says “enter code FREE WATER when purchasing online and receive 25% off your order.”
*This blogger was not paid to endorse this product. She just loves it enough to devote a whole post to it.


  1. SWEEEET! I really am going to get one, when my student loans come in haha I always carry water with me, I have Rubbermaid water bottles that I fill up with my filtered water from home. But then during the day I have to either fill up with drinking fountain water, buy a bottle, or bring an extra one that heats up during the day, boo. This is a brilliant remedy!

    August 9, 2011
    • Anne-Marie said:

      I know! Totally brilliant *and* you get to pick fun colors.

      August 9, 2011
  2. […] the bottle from slipping?). Plastic is part of modern life, and it’s a great invention. As I mentioned before, I LOVE my BPA-free, built-in-filter Water Bobble. The idea, here, is to keep it away from my […]

    August 28, 2011

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