Traveling Red Dress Update: Supplies Acquired!

Yesterday (the day of all things red) I had the brilliant idea to head over to an online community of seamstresses who help each other out by reviewing patterns. Want to know what Vogue pattern #1234 looks like in real life, not just on the model in the catalog? Chances are, someone at the Sewing Pattern Review has sewn the pattern and put up a description of the experience, as well as a photo of the finished product. Weeks ago, I looked for the pattern that I ordered, but didn’t find it. The site left my mind until an idea came to me from a Seamstress Angel: “I wonder,” I asked myself, “Does the site have a message board?”

They do! And it’s very active! (Note: you need to be a member to see anything on the site in detail, but membership is free and they don’t spam you.) There is even a section of the forums devoted to bridal and formalwear sewing. I put up pictures of the drawing of the dress on pattern and its fabric suggestions on the back and asked, “What would you use?” I described the Traveling Red Dress Project. Within twelve hours, I had four unanimous responses: cotton sateen. Know what’s cheaper than silk? Cotton. Know why they recommend it? Sateen is shiny and gorgeous, but machine washable and requires minimal ironing. They all agreed that it’s perfect for a dress that’s going to be worn by many women and travel through the mail.

I’m not settling for a second-rate fabric. Look at this example of how shiny the fabric is and how beautifully it photographs!

Side-boob isn't my thing, but just look at that fabric! (Hand-made gown by Chabri available at Etsy.)

Not only is it perfect and practical, but I found red 100% cotton sateen fabric for 50% off at the fabulous Fashion Fabrics Club. I knew I had found the right place when a quick search revealed that they had in stock the exact rhinestone trim I have been dreaming about!

Seriously. I ordered this exact trim that I had originally found on Etsy. The Etsy supplier didn't have enough of it, but the online store is sending me the necessary two yards!

The beautiful rhinestone trim is going around the neckline and cap sleeves.

I placed the order, which came to a total of about fourteen dollars more than I had left in the WePay account. (Still want to make a donation? I could use $14!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who has helped me gather the supplies! I’m so excited to start working on it. And just as a reminder, that red fabric and those rhinestones are going on this dress:



  1. Becca says

    Amazing!!! I love the trim – what a great great find. I’m so excited for you to complete this project and to see my own as well. You are an amazing person and I know this will be great for you and all the women blessed at the chance to wear it.

    • says

      Thank you, Becca! I felt like jumping up and down when I saw that trim! I want it to meet in the middle, at the point of the “sweetheart,” and go in opposite directions around the neckline like this: >>>>><<<<<

  2. says

    I am so excited. I really think you ended up with a wonderful choice. I hope you’ll post pictures of the fabric and trim once it arrives, and as you work on the dress. I love the idea of following the construction. I know just enough about sewing to realize how much skill goes into a dress like this. So awesome.

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