What “Small Business Saturday” Can Mean

With American Express promoting this Small Business Saturday idea, it can seem pretty distant. Their idyllic little shops don’t look much like the family businesses in my own neighborhood. Inside our little apartment, under my name, there are two small businesses trying to get their little engines up a very big hill towards Profits: Welcoming Birth, L.L.C., and my Jamberry Nails direct sales business.

Welcoming Birth (HypnoBirthing) has cost more than it has earned, like most small businesses in their first 18 months of life. But it’s about to get a big boost! Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Childbirth Education classes are about to include a HypnoBirthing class taught by ME! Yesterday, I toured the options available for classrooms and told the coordinator what my preferences are, for space. Since my goal is to teach families that they can set any mood they want to set, to have the birth they want to have, I’ll be ok in any room (but I did request the one with the nicest lighting…) and I’m really just beyond excited to start teaching my first course in January.

Jamberry is making us some money to pay some bills! But it speeds up and slows down, like any retail business. Like every other retail business, “Black Friday,” followed by “Small Business Saturday,” followed by “Cyber Monday” are really big days for us Jamberry reps! Most of us are selling Jamberry because it’s the most fun way we have found to help make ends meet in our families. When you shop with us, you help us pay for gifts, classes, daycare. You support a larger company that manufactures in the US, recycles everything it can possibly recycle, and began in a kitchen, ideas bouncing back and forth between family. Excuse me while I get a little sentimental, but I want you to know that you can have real reasons to feel good about shopping with us.

The less sentimental part of all this is my hard-headed plan to get my family off public assistance by the middle of next year. It’s happening. Every month, I build my team and my customer base. I walk the line between annoying and fun as I ask more people to host parties, or even to join my team. This month, I am so close to a big promotion. I’m so very, very close. So I’m posting about it here, something I rarely do, because it’s what keeps buys the Christmas gifts (purchased this year from other small business and direct sellers using only Jamberry bonus money), and the gas to go to Thanksgiving dinner in another state, and the babysitter who helps out, when both parents need to write. My Jamberry earnings also made it possible for me to invest in Welcoming Birth, filing the short but expensive paperwork I needed to get L.L.C. status, and acquiring insurance, and everything else the hospital asked for.

Head on over to Facebook, and “like” my page! Find teasers for our Black Friday specials and message me with questions. Head over to my Jamberry shop and buy something small  (or large!) as a gift – I’ll walk you through every step, if you want some help! And in a week, when you see #SmallBusinessSaturday, think of me and my tribe! Go on Twitter and ask @DoNotFaint for some real-time personal shopping. Ask me how all of this works, and why it’s so much fun–maybe it would be a good fit for you, too…

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