Sanity Sundays: The Takeya Iced Tea Maker

I bought this because I’ve started making my own herbal tea out of a bunch of herbs I bought in bulk (nettles, red raspberry leaf, other things that are good for pregnancy). I LOVE it, and it is so easy to use. Note: this is purely my opinion. I wasn’t paid or given free stuff.

Put some tea (loose or in tea bags) in this thing, put it in the fridge overnight, and you have lovely iced tea when you wake up! The infuser screws out of the lid, so when it’s strong enough, you just take it out and have a lovely pitcher. The lid seals, and the pitcher is BPA-free. I chose this over the glass because it’s nice and light.

I know I already did one of these about tea, but as the weather gets warmer, there is nothing more relaxing than a lovely glass of iced tea. So pick your favorite, put a few bags in this awesome device, and enjoy iced tea for days! Seriously, I relax just pouring my tea, which smells heavenly.

Takeya Iced Tea Maker


  1. Diana said:

    Um, this is awesome! I am going to have to get it. 

    April 15, 2012

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