Sanity Sundays: ASOS Maternity Jeans

Ok, so I’m a day late. It’s Monday. Sue me. (Please don’t. I have no money.)

My sanity saver this week goes to another product–ASOS (a UK company that sells in the US online) makes maternity jeans that are cleverly disguised to look just like normal person jeans! When I started wearing maternity pants and skirts, I noticed something: wearing bottoms that pull on and off makes me feel rather… well… like a little kid. Look, my belly is not so big yet that I can’t zip and button a freaking pair of pants or skirt! I just need the waistband to be a little more flexible. Enter, ASOS and a fabulous sale that allowed me to justify my purchase.

Here’s what the “boyfriend” jeans I bought look like on the model:

the slouchy, comfy “boyfriend” maternity jean

And here is the genius behind these particular jeans:

the cleverly hidden stretch panels are behind the pockets!


Things I did not know until I opened the package include:

1) Pre-distressed “worn” spots. I normally do not buy jeans like this, I have accepted it and moved on. If I buy another pair of ASOS jeans, I’ll probably get a different style. These are super comfy and soft, though.

2) Inside the waistband, on both sides, you can tighten or loosen the amount of stretch in your waistband with a tuxedo-pant-like button/elastic system. It’s truly awesome. Awesome.

I am in love! (ASOS has no idea who I am. This just my sadly unpaid opinion.)


  1. Where were these jeans when I was preggers? They look awesome. I may get them just for when I visit the burrito bar!

    April 24, 2012

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