Being Right Feels Awesome

I feel awesome. Because dropping my Effexor dose was the right thing to do and made my crazy symptoms go away. And because I was right to insist that my psychiatrist drop my dose of Effexor. Reminder: I write my experience; I don’t give medical advice. Just in case anyone mistakes this for me endorsing tapering medication without supervision, though, let me clarify! I am still under supervision. The lower dose I’m taking is a small step down, the smallest possible, a careful step, and it was prescribed by the same psychiatrist who has been writing my prescriptions since early 2012.

I explained last week why the amino acid supplements I’m taking probably warranted a smaller dose of Effexor, by just a little bit (so far), and why I was angry at my psychiatrist for being rude about my attempt to use holistic, integrative medicine to improve my anxiety. I have an appointment with her in ten days, and I’m pretty darn excited to be able to go and report that I feel ten times better, now. I also have the name of a psychiatrist who advertises as having had training in integrative medicine to call in case my doctor is condescending again.

I’ve gotten some props for acting quickly and decisively as my own advocate, and I am taking those props. If I had been wrong, I’d have called up the doctor and told her I was going back to the higher dose. And I’d still be proud of myself for actively participating in my own treatment. I went searching for an image that illustrated how I feel about my own ability to clearly articulate my needs and demand that they are met by my health care providers. Enjoy what I found. She’s pretty awesome, too.

This is a woman rowing a boat around 1900. There is no copyright on the image, anymore, but I found it on Flickr commons. I love that she is so strong. I love that she’s part of a team. I love her hat, too.


  1. Rachael said:

    Awesome, indeed. I’m glad for you, and thanks for the lovely image.

    March 26, 2014
  2. Props, props, and more props! Self-advocacy is hard enough for the non-anxious.

    March 26, 2014

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