Open Every Day: NaBloPoMo

Yes, I know. That acronym is completely out of control. It stands for National Blog Posting Month. The challenge is to write a blog post every day for the month of November. Not having kids and only working two days a week, I didn’t really doubt that I could do it. It’s not like I’m ever short on something to say… ever. A fact I that am proud of, I will have you know.

Now, I have mentioned BlogHer, a media network created by, for and with women social media leaders. They reach “more than 25 million women each month.” I have applied to be included in that network in hopes that one day, they will syndicate something. (Also, they pay money for advertising but not the random kind of ads that stop me from signing up for other monetizing thingies. Clearly, I have a sophisticated understanding of these things.) But mostly, I LOVE BlogHer because I can always go there to read women writers who inspire me. And I want to be a part of that!

The connection between the two: this month, BlogHer is hosting NaBloPoMo. They provide blogging prompts and tips for better writing/blogging and yesterday, the prompt was: “What is your favourite part about writing?” (I guess a Canadian or a Brit wrote that prompt…) Well, ladies, YOU are my favorite part about writing. I guess this is a continuation of  yesterday’s post about all the support and warm fuzzies I get from reading other smart women’s writing.

So be prepared to hear from my a LOT this month. And if you haven’t signed up for email updates yet, do so now! (Convenient and just to your right.) And you can find all 1,751 blogs who have signed up for NoBloPoMo here. If you blog, do it! Sign up! If not, enjoy all the reading.

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