On TV on Our Anniversary: Perspective Gained

One of the three other bloggers Good Morning America interviewed found me, and we had a nice chat. Then, in the middle of that chat, we heard from the producer of “our” segment that it’s going to air tomorrow (today? it’s 3 am!) so that was crazy. I am choosing to believe that that is a sign that it is actually going to air and we can let the anxiety level fall down to a reasonable level again (right before heading off to Dallas and the BlissDom conference). She’s lovely, and in Mississippi, and her blog is over at Mommy Needs a Xanax. Yes, in fact, she is funny!

But you know why I’ve been really excited about March 20th for quite some time, now? It’s our wedding anniversary. I could not have designed a better reality check if I had tried, which leads me to suspect that Somebody up there likes me enough to have designed this reality check as a little joke. There’s five minutes on TV (or however long) and then there is… MARRIAGE.

If you have arrived at this blog because you saw me and my son, Walter, on ABC, then this is the first thing you may read. If that is true, then let this be the first thing that you learn about us, in real life, for real–getting married to each other and starting this family is the best thing that Nathan and I have ever done. We agree on this. We are having a little vacation right now. Do you know where we both just assumed we’d be spending spring break? At his mom’s house. Why? Because it’s really nice, here. And “Gram” loves us and our boy. He lights up when he sees her. And it’s been an awesome spring break. Tomorrow, we will get dressed up. Gram will take care of our boy. We will go into The City and eat at the same restaurant that hosted our “reception.”

I put that in quotes, because we got married eight days after getting engaged, at New York’s Marriage Bureau, aka “City Hall” (it’s not actually in City Hall anymore). We invited whatever immediate family members could come. I stayed up late the night before, giggling with the friends who would help me get ready. Nathan slept here, at his mother’s house. We waiting in a few too many lines and did more paperwork in front of our guests than your average couple, but we had a wonderful time at our wedding. The clerk who married us actually cried a little. And she does it all day long. There was so much love in that little chapel.

Tomorrow, I will put on a white dress, again. This time, it’s one I spotted a year ago while shopping with Nathan. It was on clearance. It was the last one. It was in my size. But I was newly pregnant, so I showed it to Nathan and expressed my sorrow at leaving that dress size behind. He told me to buy it anyway, and wear it in a year. Our baby turned five months, yesterday, and my body looks more familiar than it did. Nursing and a few spikes in anxiety have helped me shed some baby weight, I suppose. I fit in my pre-baby skirts. But some sort of superstition has kept me from trying on my Anniversary Dress. So, here’s hoping it fits. If not, I have a backup. And we will have a marvelous evening.

There is so much to celebrate. Our family has grown. All of us are happy and healthy. That’s all I ever wanted. Happy and healthy. Many times in my life, I have believed that I needed perfection. This is better, because it is real. Perfection is a mirage. With that in mind, here is a model wearing The Dress. And in case you are wondering, it’s Jason Wu – For Target. Also, I will not be wearing sunglasses.



  1. Abby said:

    I’m sorry the segment was disappointing, Anne-Marie. I didn’t see it and I think I’d rather just read your blog and tell others about it glowingly. I hope the coverage brings you lots of new readers who read what you have to say directly, instead of taking the distorted version from TV. You have plenty of empowering and supportive things to say.

    Great dress, by the way! And Happy Anniversary!

    March 20, 2013
  2. Mommy Needs a Xanax said:

    Thanks for the shout-out. I hope the segment got you a spike in traffic at least. I had one but it seems to have fallen off a bit. Boo.

    March 30, 2013
    • Anne-Marie said:

      Not really, because they didn’t mention my blog. Not once. But I hope that you have gained readers who appreciate your voice and get to read a more complete version of your story!

      March 30, 2013

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