New Home (A Sweet Home!)

I cannot tell you how excited I am about our new place. Two whole bedrooms, lots of light, the washing machine… it’s just dreamy! We won’t have internet, there, until later this week, so I’m writing this from an uncomfy chair in our old apartment, while Nathan watches All The Football on a television that is sitting on the floor. Poor Walt is so confused about why he can’t crawl around his old haunt, but we’re making it work. Note to self: call about transferring TV and internet much sooner next time!

We have moved once a year for the past four years. Last time, we just moved across the hall, but it is never any fun! This time, we moved just a few miles away to get more room for lower rent, and we were smart enough to hire movers, recognizing that our king-sized mattress and its bed frame are just two heavy for us. Good timing, student loan money!

Here are a few pictures of the kitchen, which looks better than any other room, so far. More pictures will come. Now you know why I haven’t been here or anywhere else online, much!

Oh, but I did write about surviving the baby’s first cold (also referred to by me as The Plague Virus) over at Fit for Moms, so please check that out! Add any tips you can think of in the comments, there, because it is so sad to feel helpless while the baby suffers, that we need to know about all the little things we can do to comfort the littles.

As promised, pictures:

kitchen counters & window #abeautifulmessapp
Our wonderful landlord has carefully grown a privacy hedge outside the kitchen window, which faces a neighbor’s driveway/yard. It has flowers and lets the sun shine through! I love our new kitchen.
kitchen table
These two guys approve of the new setup, too (despite the still-bare walls). Note: the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair is *still* the best baby gear we own. Ever. The coolest. Pull up your chair, Walt! Have breakfast with Mom & Dad! So cute.

PS We did try cloth diapers for the first time! More on that adventure soon!

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