New Design Coming…

Here's a preview!

A few weeks ago, I won (yes, WON!) a mini blog makeover, thanks to a giveaway at Motherhood Unadorned and a fabulous thing called Rafflecopter that picked my number as the lucky number; thus began a series of emails with the fabulously talented designer, April Durham. Soon, the blog of my dreams will appear, complete with my very own sharing buttons. If you research blog design and try to DIY, you quickly discover that one of the most visible differences between your site and the sites done by real designers with actual knowledge about this stuff is that real designers make custom twitter, Facebook, pinterest, email, sharing of all kinds buttons. Soon, I too will have cool buttons, a consistent color palette and all sorts of amazing designery stuff I don’t understand but do appreciate very much. I am super unbelievably lucky to have worked with April. If any of you need any graphic designing done, call this lady. She’s cheerful and patient, even when she is clearly staying up too late working. And did I mention how grateful I am to Cristi at Motherhood Unadorned for making this possible? I totally won a random giveaway after posting my short interview with her about pregnancy and medication on the blog! Karma, perhaps?

PS Click on the pretty glitter heart to see some of the designs April lets bloggers download for FREE! 

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