New Design! By Me! With an Assist from Jane Austen.

OK, so I have been desperate to get this new design up and running on this website with the help of my friend from Web Wizards. For some reason, I felt a big push to get it done today. I now have chills, because someone just reminded me that:


In case you did not know, the title of this blog comes from a Jane Austen quote, from a novel she wrote while she was still a teenager. The fact that she had already mastered irony seems enough proof for me that she was a genius. In my favorite quote, she puts some really solid advice in a letter from one very silly friend to another. I’ve modernized the spelling, but left the odd punctuation and capitalization. (The novel is Love and Friendship, and you can read the whole thing online.)

“Beware of swoons Dear Laura…. A frenzy fit is not one quarter so pernicious; it is an exercise to the Body and if not too violent, is I dare say conducive to Health in its consequences—Run mad as often as you choose; but do not faint.”

Happy Birthday, Ms. Austen. Thank you for inspiring me, pretty much continuously, since I discovered your work. When I was twelve, I read Sense and Sensibility, and my life is forever the richer for loving you.

The new logo is, in part, an illustration/etching from one of the earliest illustrated editions of Austen’s work. I find them hilarious, actually. As a birthday treat, I will show you the image from which I took my lovely lady.


“He cut off a long lock of her hair.”- Marianne and Wiloughby, Sense & Sensibility, by Hugh Thompson, for an edition published in the 19th century.

Is she swooning? Fainting? Nope. Just leaning back to let her rakish love snip a lock of her hair. I cut him and the rest of the scene out using Photoshop. Now you’ve had a peek, and a chance to look around, what do you think of my work? I designed and then learned how to execute my design in a class taught by April Durham at Creative Girl Media. I’m really quite proud of myself.

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  1. Laurie said:

    Love the new design and have loved that quote you took for your name from the first time I read it in the book. Good job!

    December 17, 2013

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