Me: Published Author! The Good Mother Myth

The gorgeous cover!
The gorgeous cover!

In January, I will become a published author, when my essay appears in an anthology called The Good Mother Myth! Here’s what our anthologist, Avital Norman Nathman, has to say about it:

“Her kids have always slept through the night, and even if they don’t, she still manages to look like she has had eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. There is always a well-balanced, home-cooked meal on her dinner table. She either happily stays at home or holds down a fulfilling job while still finding time to join the PTA, run the school’s book sale, and makes it to every single soccer game. Her house is absolutely spotless, and if it’s not, she can effortlessly laugh it off.  She has the energy and desire for a happy and adventurous sex life, and her partner is always satisfied. She is crafty, creative, and embodies the perfect blend of modern woman and hipster housewife. She is usually white, middle to upper class, heterosexual, and neither too young nor too old.

But above all… she’s a myth. And it’s this myth that divides women and pits mothers against each other while fueling the flames of the manufactured ‘mommy wars.’

Join us as we break down the myth of the good mother, and in the process change up the current narrative of motherhood to include a rich, diverse array of voices.”

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  1. Mama_Pea said:

    That’s very exciting! Congratulations!!

    August 14, 2013

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