Joining the Club: Our Baby Shower

I have now been to one baby shower in my life–mine, last Saturday. This is what comes of living so far from close friends and family; I couldn’t even go to my sister’s shower. I found out months ago that my sister-in-law Peggy was planning to host a shower for me, and I was excited ever since. Peggy is a consummate host and a creative part-planner. But she’s also just really warm and lovely. My husband’s family (Peg is his sister) has embraced me as one of their own in a way I never thought was possible. Peggy and I were pregnant at the same time, until her third baby was born in July. Knowing that I’m not the most traditional mom and that most of my close female friends live far away, Peggy and my mother-in-law, Judy, planned a co-ed, family friendly backyard tea party. They called it “Anne-Marie in Wonderland” – my “un-shower.”

It was perfect. (The weather did actually threaten a tornado at one point, but that was before the party, and the rain waited until after we were done being outside to come down!) There were incredibly generous gifts and a bin full of books that included many I knew and loved. Friends drove all the way from Philly, and my cousin took the train all the way from Brooklyn. I often have a little social anxiety at parties, but there’s a magical perk to being the mom-to-be at your own baby shower–no one expects you to mingle! I sat on my “throne” decorated with beautiful hydrangea flowers and people came over to me to say hi!

We had tea, scones and finger sandwiches on beautiful china in the backyard. My friend Joseph is English and he said, “It’s like my childhood on a table!” so Peggy must have done her research. There were tiny signs on toothpicks in the sandwiches that said “Eat Me” just like the signs in the original Alice illustration. Corresponding “Drink Me” signs adorned the wine and iced tea that was served before the tea got started. The warmth and welcome was just palpable.

We eventually did go inside to open gifts (and many of our male guests retreated to the basement to mix cocktails at the full bar and avoid cooing over baby gifts) and this is where I really start to tear up at the memories. I hardly knew many of the guests, who were friends and family of our baby’s lovely grandparents and aunt and uncle, but as the evening progressed, I felt like they were welcoming Nathan and I (Nathan opened gifts, too!) into the Parents Club. It’s hard to explain, but all the smiles and thoughtful gifts and the stories shared about putting children to bed (or not) and favorite books… it all added to this feeling like we are about to do this very difficult thing (parenting) that many have done and survived before us. They seemed so happy for us at the joys we were about to experience and good-natured and funny about the not-so-joyful sleepless nights.

I did start to cry when my mother-in-law came over with a special gift just for me; it’s a series of little things, really, that are all about helping me experience childbirth in the positive, sacred way that I have planned. I had entertained the idea of throwing myself a Blessingway, a party that is much more about birth and is, admittedly, very “hippie.” Knowing that, Judy had made me a necklace with special beads to wear in preparation for labor. She started a scrapbook for me, not a baby book of traditional milestones, but of words and images that represent the joy and the calm that I want to surround my family as we move forward on our little journey. She had even found a CD perfect for playing in our hospital room to keep the ambiance calm and sweet. And she wrote a card expressing feelings I share: we are so glad to have one another as family.

My baby shower weekend turned into a celebration of family. I have heard stories of awful showers with the sharing of birth stories, some of them frightening, and advice, much of it based in fear. I have heard stories of moms-to-be overruled by grandmothers-to-be who want everything this or that way. I know a family whose registry and desire to use cloth diapers was completely ignored; instead, they received cases of disposable diapers and are now finding the money to buy diaper covers themselves. I was a little nervous. Not very nervous. Just a little. There was nothing to worry about. This party fit my taste and personality so perfectly, you would have thought that the closest friends in the world had planned it. Turns out, the family I married into is as close as my closest friends (even if topics of conversation are a bit different). We know and love each other well.

I am so happy to be bringing my baby into this family. Of course, far-away family sent gifts and good wishes, and they are part of my joy. Still, there is something special, something I grew up with and would never trade, about having family just a car-ride away. I am so lucky–to have the gifts we received on Saturday, of course, but much more to have the love of such kind and generous souls.


  1. Genevieve said:

    If you are up for a visit when I’m in the states in October, we can have a second baby shower for you. I’m so sad I missed it.

    September 13, 2012
  2. story3girl said:

    That sounds absolutely lovely, sweetie. I’m glad you had such a good experience.

    September 13, 2012
  3. Ellen said:

    What a beautiful story! We are super blessed (as I am doing laundry at my sister’s house right now) also! Mostly wha tI hear in this post though is someone who is able to bring so much joy to that family (and friends!) and who can recognize when things are awesome. LOVE YOU!

    September 15, 2012
  4. Andrea Balcunas said:

    So glad that you had such a wonderful day! And what a sweet mother-in-law! :)

    September 16, 2012

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