Internet Attention & Training Weekend

I’ve always been a ham, a lover of attention. I did Singing Performances at age 4. I once wanted to be a professional actress. I blog. I would do community theater right now if I could find a play to audition for. Love. The. Attention. Today, I got attention in two separate places!

At Baby Zone, I was quoted about drinking coffee while pregnant. People really overreact to that “rule” and need to stop with the all judgey, stink-eye expressions around pregnant ladies.

I shared at The Fearless Formula Feeder about using breasmilk, donormilk, AND formula to get Baby Walter fed without sacrificing anyone’s health or happiness. Because we need all the health and happiness we can get, and no “shoulds” are allowed to get in the way.

Tonight is my last night in this horrific hotel which reeks of cigarette smoke and can’t handle anything but processed crap and tiny cups of coffee for their “continental breakfast” – seriously, how hard would an orange be to bring in? – and it’s been a roller coaster.

First, we learned all about hypnosis, and the difference between what you see on a stage for entertainment, what people use in therapeutic settings (quitting smoking, overcoming a phobia) and what is used in HypnoBirthing®. That was super cool. I will go into that in some later post, I’m sure. For now, just take my word for it that no one controls anyone’s mind in any of the above. Mind control is a pipe dream, sadly for us mothers. ;)

Then, at the lunch break on Friday, I nearly drove all the way to my mother-in-law’s house to hold my baby, after hearing a couple classmates talk about how they avoided leaving their babies for a year or more. I think they meant well when they said they couldn’t have done this (leave for 4 nights, 4 days), but it hurt. I sobbed on the phone. My heart ached. But I stayed. I’m so glad I stayed.

I completely adore the philosophy, techniques and results I’ve seen with HypnoBirthing® and cannot wait to share my knowledge with the couples I will get to teach. It will be such a privilege to serve women and their partners in this way! My teacher, Vivian Keeler, is usually a chiropractor, doula and Certified HypnoBirthing®  Childbirth Educator while helping to run two amazing places for pregnant ladies in South Florida. She is a wonderful teacher, and came highly recommended by my instructor and doula, Kate. We are learning in a beautiful home setting, thanks to the generosity of our host. I am so excited I can hardly contain it!

In case you are wondering, YES, I want to give birth again. Strangely, NO, I don’t want to be pregnant or raise a second child. Check back with me in a few years, but I have an odd feeling that nurturing my Walter and being a birth worker will be all the baby fix I need. Can’t I please just experience a water birth without having an actual child or spending 40 weeks in pregnancy? No? Ah, well. (Does that give you an idea of how exciting this is for me?)

Oh, and since I already mentioned feeding the baby, a note: I have crazy amounts of respect for women who pump at work. Pumping whenever I feel full while I’m away from Walt (he is having pumped milk, formula and solid food) is pumping far too often. I am sick of that machine. Even if Walter does bite, sometimes, at least he smiles at me! 

Love from a happy place,


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