HypnoBirthing Training is Next Weekend!

I am so excited, everyone! I will be going to the HypnoBirthing Instructor training, Official HypnoBirthing Institute everything, on August 1st! I can’t wait to meet other people who are super into this, too. It’s four days in a beautiful private home with a gorgeous view, or so I’m told. (Three nights in a Super 8 for me! yay, budget motels!) I’m really not sure what it will be like, and I am a little nervous. I’m extra nervous because it will be my first time away from Walter, who is now nine months old! Somebody pinch me! My baby is crawling all around the living room right now, and I could swear my birth happened only yesterday.

Except that I’m actually really excited to enjoy the part of me that is loving my HB homestudy learning and to spend an entire weekend with only adults.

There will be mixed feelings. My therapist asked me if I expect that it will cause an anxiety spike, this training. That would be terribly ironic, given the emphasis HypnoBirthing itself places on releasing fears, but anything is possible. I met a really annoying hyper person at a group meditation, once.

Another surprise: I am shocking un-anxious about Walter’s eating while I’m gone. I’ll be pumping extra to store, and he’ll have some formula bottles. He’ll be fine. He’s loving solids, lately, particularly yogurt. His dad and Gram are really great at taking care of him, and I trust them while I sleep when we visit Gram.

Yes, I am nervous. But I am also just thrilled that I will finally get going on this and get started helping other women have experiences like mine. I will be joining my teacher/doula/friend Kate’s business, Joyful Birth, and that is what we are aiming for: joyful, nurturing births for loving families. We are working on a new website and everything! I am so grateful to Kate for opening up this world to me. Being a stay-at-home-mom is so rewarding and amazing and fascinating, so teaching classes that are about two hours each, five total, is a really good next step. I will have some time to be Professional, but I won’t be giving up time with him. (If someone else didn’t watch him for at least two hours a week right now, while I did anything else, I would be a big ball of anxiety!)

So, here we go! Big step! Holding my breath and jumping! Weeeeeeee!

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