Holiday? What Holiday?

I have a new job, you see, and, well, I suck at transitions. So I have been transitioning into my new job, which is working as a Support Infant/Toddler teacher for the most wonderful school ever every weekday in the afternoons. Which means freaking out, sleeping a lot, freaking out, playing some really awesome games, holding babies and washing lots of hands. And eating snack. And more hand washing. And getting sick.

So, I’m sorry that I forgot about, well, everything else. I’m very tired. I know that working 4.5 hours a day doesn’t seem like it should exhaust a person, but since I’m me, that means trying to be absolutely perfect for 4.5 hours every day. Which is actually really hard work. Thank goodness it’s the weekend! And if Christmas wasn’t coming soon, I don’t know what I would do.

But, I should mention that I spent this evening at a lovely holiday party with my coworkers and Nathan. He was the only +1, and he rocked it. Like he does. I can take this man anywhere and he will charm and make friends and make himself useful. I love that about him. Anyway, I’m loving work and having a job and am actually quite happy. No, I’m not ignoring you because I dislike you suddenly. I’m just a little preoccupied with trying to be a grown-up. Good timing, right? I feel like I should learn to do grown-up things like have a job before I become a mother. Maybe just so that I have something to refer back to when the kid asks? Or maybe so that I can be this happy! Seriously, I’m so happy. It’s ridiculous. And sleepy.

I don’t know what or who to blame for me getting a bladder infection, but that happened. Infection and antibiotics = extra sleepy. Good night, my loves!


PS This is the sum total of Christmas decorating I have done:

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