Five Hilarious Things About Having Anxiety

  1. My heart is racing. So what? Oh, that’s not normal? What do you mean “was it the coffee?” Oh, because caffeine could do that! I get it! You might be right about that.
  2. I have a stomach ache. Oh, well, I must be anxious. What’s that? What about antibiotics? Oh yeah, I am on antibiotics! They do give me stomach aches! You are right, I should eat some yogurt.
  3. I’m so sleepy; I hate how anxiety makes me want to take naps all the time. Huh? Take the nap? Why? Oh, yeah! I’m sick! And antibiotics do make me sleepy.
  4. I’m so sleepy; I hate how anxiety makes me want to go to bed at 9:00 pm. What’s that? Did I work today? Well, yes, I did. So. Oh, working is a good reason to be tired, I suppose.
  5. I need a hug because I’m a freak who freaks out at the tiniest things and I had a hard day at work. What’s that? It’s normal to be upset about a formal reprimand at work? It’s normal to need a hug? Huh… I guess that’s plausible…
Oh, it’s so much fun having an anxiety disorder! I end up thinking that everything I feel is nonsense caused by wacky chemicals. If I didn’t have so many awesome people in my life to set me straight, I’d really be a hot mess thinking about how crazy I am. Most of the time, turns out that what I feel is just normal, even if I am a little sensitive. Why do I keep thinking that being “good enough” means being “perfect” which means never needing anything from anyone? How creepy would I be if I just did everything right the first time and never needed a hug? Very.

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  1. Abby said:

    This is a wonderful post, and so true! It’s easy to forget we’re human and get tired and need other people. I needed many of these things this morning.

    December 18, 2011

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