Falling Behind with the Basics

I didn’t post yesterday; I went to bed, exhausted, before I had the chance. In the past few weeks, I’ve been forgetting the basics, more often. I will go do some task and put off eating, or taking my meds, or going to bed. I always pay for these things. I felt scattered some days, a little panicky other days. The more I talk about it, the better I am at getting back to basic self-care. Nothing is ever more important than sleep, food and meds. I even have a little graphic for it, one that I’ve used before. I’m taking this migraine (the obvious result of yesterday’s minimal food intake and terrible sleep) back to bed, now.

anxiety coping basics


  1. story said:

    A good reminder. I may need to hang this on my wall. I’d need to add drinking water. And coffee.

    November 17, 2013
    • Anne-Marie said:

      I can make you a prettier one to hang on your wall. With photoshop–I’m not a cross-stitch sampler kind of person. Although it would make a nice pillow…

      The water goes with the meds, if you take them four times a day, like I do. I don’t hate Klonopin for any side effects or even the dependency my body has on it. I hate it for its utter inconvenience–darn stuff stops working (and the withdrawal kicks in) after 6-8 hours. Too bad I tried EVERY OTHER DRUG before we were TTC and this is the only one that works!

      Oh, but actual useful tip: Bobble makes a 34 oz water bottle with a filter in the sport cap. The bottle itself weighs almost nothing, and you can fill it up anywhere and still have yummy water. 34 ounces of water is kind of heavy by itself, though. We got a free Brita version that is smaller and less attractive but much squeezier (easier to get more water to come out at once–the Bobble is a bit stiff). I want to love the Bobble for its design and interchangeable, neon-colored filters, but I admit to preferring the Brita for ease of use and cheaper replacement tops. This may be one of the most boring replies to a comment I’ve ever written. You must now buy a water bottle, because otherwise, I will have written this nonsense for nothing.

      November 17, 2013

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