Celebrating 5 Years, Late

March 19, 2014, marked my fifth wedding anniversary. I feel weak in the knees just thinking about that day, and I’m always shocked when I think about how much closer we are, now, than we were, then. I think there’s no way we can love each other more, and then we just do. I actually had tears running down my face listening to a song that came on the radio, because it reminded me of the day I realized that Nathan was the guy for me. It’s your standard love-at-first-sight song, but the reason I started to cry was that, even though I had known Nathan for months, there was one moment, during a very long and depressing subway ride, when I just knew–Nathan was and is the kindest man. What was I doing going on dates with anyone else? I called him and left him an awkward and long voicemail for him telling him as much. One day, I was going on dates. I knew some cool guys. The next day, one of them just made the rest fade away.

Then, I found out that it was a Taylor Swift song. “Everything Has Changed.” But it’s ok, because under interrogation, even the character Jake, on TV’s *amazing* Brooklyn 99 admits that he loves her. And Sergent Terry understands. Yes, he does:

tumblr_n2nwczT3hj1rlpdfuo5_r1_250 bklyn99-2


Those two are just part of a series of amazing images at this tumblr.

I don’t mind admitting that I like quite a few Taylor Swift songs, but just for the record, the version that made me pay attention to this song was the live one from The Voice, by two adorable teenagers:

Madilyn Paige vs. Tanner James: “Everything Has Changed”

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