Anxious Introvert Travels with Toddler

Tomorrow, we leave for New York and my inlaws’ home, and on Tuesday, we head to California. First up will be time with a friend from childhood, and then, the BlogHer ’14 conference.

I’m spending today doing laundry. I’ll be spending tomorrow evening practicing installing the convertible carseat with a seat belt (my friend’s car was made before LATCH). I could do it in no time flat with the infant seat, but they grow up so fast…


  • Will I have space and time to be alone? Related: will the toddler adjust to life without Daddy (just for a week!) enough to play by himself? Or will he get super clingy?
  • Will I be able to eat while traveling? Do they sell things in airports that contain no dairy, gluten, sugar or soy? Can I carry enough food in with me to feed us both?
  • How do I get all the stuff from the airport to the curb? A carry on, a toddler’s bag o’ stuff, a checked bag, a carseat…
  • Should I bring the stroller?
  • Does wearing socks actually keep my feet any cleaner after I take my shoes off and go through security? My shoes don’t really look great with socks…
  • Will the child be able to handle riding in the Onya carrier, now that he can walk? Is it wrong to be grateful that he’s clingy around strangers and thus reassure myself that he won’t go running off while we go through security?
  • Who will set next to us on the plane? I trapped us in the window seat to deter any “let me walk through the aisle” spontaneous toddlerness. But that means two people between us and the aisle… at least he’s still in diapers?

That’s not even all of it. Oh, please wish us luck!

We did it 14 month ago. We can do it again this week!
We did it 14 month ago. We can do it again this week!

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