24: Mushy Brain, Sore Back

24 hours ago, I was pulled over on the shoulder of a busy freeway, waiting for a very nice state trooper to finish processing the legal version of: Anne-Marie wasn’t paying attention to traffic (bored, tired, spaced out) and rear-ended a very nice couple from Rhode Island with a reference to the Bible on their vanity license plate.

I could not have been going faster than five miles per hour. But it is such a shock to hit another vehicle. I went a lifetime without knowing that sensation, until, at 9 months pregnant, we were rear-ended by a city bus. Including that, this makes my third minor collision (no air bags = minor? even with a city bus?) in two years. My CAR was in a major collision with a telephone pole, but I wasn’t in it or driving it. This was the first time I was the driver, though, and I was in the car alone. So I went from never even having been pulled over, let alone a moving violation, to a stupid, stupid accident.

We know our chiropractors very well. I went, first thing this morning, with my sad story and sore neck and upper back, and then cooed over the first birthday pictures of one doctor’s “new” baby.

That’s why I didn’t post yesterday or get anything written earlier today.

And yes, we got a new car seat. The old one was no longer under warranty, after the accident. I hate car seat shopping. It was made easy by a major company slashing prices because a logo changed–ok with the old logo? Great! Take the display model for 40% off! Yay. Because that was money I really wanted to spend?

I’m really tired, now, and I’m going to sleep and heal and nurse my wounded pride. So much for that spotless driving record. And just in case you were wondering: an app for an insurance company is, in fact, a really handy thing to have. Download it and know how to login, before you need to know this.


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