18 Weeks Pregnant: Update

How Far Along? 18 weeks, 6 days

Maternity Clothes? I’m loving them! Thanks to my lovely sister-in-law Peggy, I have a closet full of lovely things. I’ve just added two pair of leggings, since my belly does not always appreciate the jeans as the weather gets warmer. My maternity bathing suit arrived, and it is simply adorable! I love it! I even have a floppy straw sunhat with a black ribbon. You’ll have to wait until it’s beach weather for a photo of the vintage-y outfit, but here’s the picture of the suit on the model:

The print is red floral. The top flairs out from under the bust, and the bottoms and top are tied with red polka dotted fabric. It's made by the Spanish company Pez d'Or, but I got it for well over 60% off from Gilt.

Weight Gain?

I’m not exactly sure, but it’s probably more than the recommended amount. I’m not sure because I’m now seeing midwives instead of an OB/Gyn, and as much as I loved my OB/Gyn, the midwives really are marvelous at putting me at ease. Their nurses do the weight and the blood pressure so fast that I can’t see the numbers. When they check the heartbeat, they just say “Perfect!” and don’t even check the actual number. They can hear if it’s too fast or too slow (there’s a large range that qualifies as healthy). I’ll talk about them some more soon, because they deserve a post all to themselves. I feel like crying in gratitude every time I think of them and their calm kindness.

Stretch Marks?

I can’t actually find any new ones. I have quite a few left over from adolescence. It’s a good thing I’m so pale–the silvery marks practically blend in. New stretch marks are bright red, and I can’t find any of those! That’s pretty remarkable, since I’m pretty sure I’ve gone past an H cup bra size by now.


It’s hard to get to sleep these days. It’s either anxiety or heartburn or just plain discomfort. Once I fall asleep, I seem to be able to sleep through anything.

Best Moment so Far?

Hearing the doctor and ultrasound tech reassure me yesterday that every measurement is normal and that there is no sign of cleft lip. I’ve been waiting for the moment they could see the lip clearly on the ultrasound, because the risk for the birth defect might be higher for a fetus exposed to Klonopin, one of my medications. Seeing our baby looking so perfectly baby-like on that screen yesterday lifted a thousand-pound weight from my shoulders.


I don’t think so. A few times, I have felt things that might have been movement, but I’m just not sure. We found out yesterday that I have an anterior placenta, which is not at all a bad thing, it just means that the placenta is in the front, behind my belly button. You know what’s pretty cool about that? It shows us where the egg implanted in the lining of my uterus!  But some people think that it’s a bit harder to feel movement with an anterior placenta. I might also just not recognize the feeling because I’ve never felt it before! In the next week or two, I should feel something. We saw Bug moving around a whole lot, so I’m sure I’ll start to feel all that squirming pretty soon!

What I miss?

I really miss having my internal organs in their proper places, especially those that digest my food. They’ve all been squished, and I’m looking at months more of discomfort every time I eat anything.

What I’m looking forward to?

This one is a little silly, but I can’t wait to go swimming in a lake. I’m told that all the fluid in my uterus makes me buoyant, and I want to float on my back the way I did when I lived in Minnesota. I love to float with my ears underwater and my face above water, so things get really quiet and I can either look up at the sky or close my eyes and just feel the sun on my face. Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of sunscreen!

What I’ve Learned about Pregnancy:

No one could possibly warn you about all of the things that you might feel. Ligament pain is indescribable and so painful, as is “pelvic pain,” which is what happens when hormones tell your pelvis to start getting ready for letting a baby come through. Why does my right hip ache when I wake up or walk too much? Why am I getting a weird new kind of headache so often? When will the vivid dreams stop? It’s apparently different for everyone. And I don’t even want to know what’s coming anymore!


Our last ultrasound was yesterday! Unless something seems very wrong, the midwives won’t order another one. After this last one, where they measure everything, the baby is really too big for it to do much good. And the weight estimates they sometimes use ultrasound to do are rarely accurate. I just heard about one woman who was told her baby was 9 lbs and it was really 11 lbs! I’ve also hear about women who were told they had to have C-sections because they’re babies were “too big” only to be cut open to find a much smaller baby than they expected. Unnecessary surgery? Not a fan. Anyway,


All of them. One minute I’m beaming, and the next, I’m in tears. I’ve gotten angry because Nathan forgot to turn off the light or the TV or because I can’t sleep (which is obviously always his fault). You never know what you’re going to get around here!




  1. Anna-Lee said:

    I loved this post. Thank you for being so wonderful! It always cheers me up to read what you’re going thru, except for the rare occasions when my heart aches for you instead. Either way, though, please keep it up – you’re a huge encouragement.

    June 3, 2012
  2. Ruby Girl said:

    Adorable suit! You are lucky on the stretch marks; I have a huge one on my breast! :) so glad to hear that your baby is looking perfect and healthy!

    June 4, 2012

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